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i think i am going to have my birthday party at vista 18 this year (swanky huh? :P)

i can get a reservation for up to 18 people. we can just chill and drink martinis, listen to some jazz and enjoy the view.

does thursday the 18th or friday the 19th (of may) work better for people?
or is going to vista 18 a little too stodgy and uptight?
i think it'd be kinda neat.

feedback si vous plait!
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model mayhem

im so glad they picked brooke over gina. i would have had to stop watching entirely if they hadnt, she was so useless.

also, i hate jade and want to see her get whats coming to her.

i think nenna is going to win, in the endrun.

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weekend plans anyone?

me, ill be home all weekend working on papers.

we are going to party like never before when this semester is done. i decree it!
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